8 Easy reminders For a Juice starter

"Hey, Jihee, I just bought a juicer and now what am I supposed to do?"

I have been getting a lot of phone calls, facebook messages and private emails- how exciting!

I realized that a lot of "eager to be healthy tribe" need some sort of guidance. so here I am, with excitement as always, writing a few easy steps for you can keep in mind when you start juicing

1. Drink before a meal your stomach is your working factory and you don't want them to work on juicing , if you are already eaten, wait another 1 ~2 hours at least- I would personally wait 3 hours . The best time would be "anytime when your stomach is empty" therefore this juice extract would go directly in your blood system within 20 minutes. (without working with your stomach)

2. Drink it about 200~300 ml at a time the more is the better, but not with juice ! if you drink more, then it will come out as an expensive urine. so I would recommend drinking 200~300 ml at a time . and some times you would have made more than just 300 ml, then store it in air tight glass jar , and put it into the fridge for morning snacks(drink before Lunch)- some of juice hardcore people would say "what the heck?" you drink juice right after you made it! yeah but Nowadays people are busy and they want to keep it simple and also drink within 3 hours would be way better than popping a donuts or sugary drinks for a morning snack. would not be ?- Juice fast would be a bit different story, I would cover more detail another time about this

3. What about Green smoothie? Smoothie is almost like 300~500 ml at a time. If you made smoothie and juice both, then you will see why. You don't add any liquid into juice when you are juicing but you would add liquid when you make smoothie.=-) so of course it has to be larger amount and also because of fiber in the smoothie, you can drink that much /it won't go to blood stream as fast as juice since gut still needs to work on fiber to digest before gut sends them to small intestine.

4. Speaking of Green Smoothie, what is the difference between them? I would say "more vegetable in juice without pulp(fiber)" so It will reach to your each cell way faster than than "chewing salad"or "drinking smoothie" / but all in all, drinking vegetable is really important. personally I do it both. Juice in the morning ,and smoothie in the afternoon as a snack. Drinking vegetable -whatever form it is, you should drink it

5. Stay simple but often. Don't try to be stressed out about your juicing ingredients, make simple list of 3, and make 3 turns, Monday: celery, apple,lemon / Tuesday: Carrot,Apple,Ginger / Wednesday : Beet, apple, Lemon and Thursday ,Friday,Saturday rotates it. and you can add something more each day if you want to: ex) oh, I have a sore throat, I am going to add ginger in celery one even though I don't usually. Drink "one juice a day " will keep your medical bills away

6. Be cautious with fruits. Fruits are awesome but it might spike your insulin level and I don't recommend to put any fruits except lemon if you are diagnosed Diabetes. Be mindful with Fruits, Spring is here and all the vegetable has more sweet taste into it. Recommended ration would be 8:2= Vegetable : Fruit ( if you are just new to juicing then 5:5 would be OK for a start)but slowly you should reduce the amount of fruits =-)

7. Try not to drink at night. Fruits contain sugar even though it is natural , but still sugar is sugar. no doubt about that. so sugary drinks (especially juice) trigger your insulin and boost your energy. you don't want to have that excess energy at night since you are about to go to bed for resting. Great Resting is one of Great way to stay away from "sickness".

8. For Seasonal, Organic, Regional. If you are juicing some vegetables from somewhere Other country- even though it looks fresh but It would not be! All those pesticides and chemicals to keep them fresh over boat trip. Think again with choose organic and local produce. and go for a seasonal vegetables- a lot of people have been complaining how expensive juicing a day can be - in some way, you are right, go for a seasonal produce, it is way cheaper and great for our body/ and also have you thought about all the medical bills and pay to visit a pharmacy etc? I have not been spending any penny on any medical bills since I start juicing. so ......what would you choose? =-)