Definition physical health for the body

Definition physical health for the bodyDefinition physical health for the body

Understanding and definition physical health. Physical or corporal is everything to do with the body.Definition Physical health means that health-related conditions of the human body that is visible which has five fittings called senses. Physical health can be obtained through regular physical activity (exercise), good nutrition, and adequate rest. Physical health and body healthy is the definition most people in the know and make sense of the sound itself, that is, free from diseases that attack the body.

Understanding Physical Health

Physical health related to everything about our body as a physical entity. Physical health has been the basis for a healthy living campaign and proper nutrition that has swept the world, more Various artificial nutrition supplement products and has been generated to support physical health. With a variety of lure that offer all sorts of advantages and functions that the user obtained. Many people are tempted to create and acquire physical health that I forget to consider what is relevant or not

Another term for physical health is the physical well-being. Physical well-being is defined as something that one can achieve by developing all the components associated with health or lifestyle. Cardiorespiratory fitness reflects a person's endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, and body composition. Other contributors to the physical well-being may include proper nutrition, weight management, abstaining from drug abuse, avoiding alcohol abuse, responsible sexual behavior (sexual health), hygiene, entertainment, rest and regular sleep.

Some physical health divide into two separate parts, namely:

Structural health refers to the condition of the bones, muscles, organs etc. The structure is expected to function properly in accordance with its usefulness. Structural health associated with the ratio of height / weight person, (body mass index) BMI, pulse rate, and speed recovery time after work or exercise.

Health Chemicals related to the amount and composition of the compounds that enter the body in the form of complex compounds either beneficial or harmful nutrients such as fumes, toxic or carcinogenic compounds that without us knowing we breathe or absorbed when ingested along with the influx of materials food into the body or taken into the body through the pores of the skin. We may inhale or ingest natural and synthetic chemicals that are harmful. But in most cases, the body can break down chemicals so be harmless or remove from the body.

W.B. Cannon (Americans) called the condition of the body that is healthy, balanced, and harmonious as homeostasis. The condition is essentially a physical condition or the physical manifestation of a stable, dynamic, harmonious and balanced constant. Therefore, although the activity varied life has one purpose and that is the body's health or physical health or physical health. Because according to the proverb, in a healthy body there is a healthy soul anyway.