Weight Loss Motivation Tips

By far the biggest problem / frustration for serial dieters is the constant yo-yoing, crash dieting and failing to keep on track with strict rules. It can be very de-motivating and you might well start to think that you are doomed to spend your life slowly getting fatter.

"The hardest part about losing weight is staying motivated!"

It needn't be this way though. Stop making the usual mistakes right now and get started on a lifestyle change that will actually stick. Here's how!

Don't Crash Diet

Westerners tend to have a habit of eating unhealthily for much of the time and breaking that up with the occasional crash diet whereby they slash the calorie intake, ban even reasonable healthy foods if it has a sniff of carbs in it. This is the worst diet mistake you can make.

Stop kidding yourself that you are going to lose a tonne of weight in the next 3 weeks. Set realistic goals and don't deprive yourself too much. Making small changes that you can keep up is the key to long term healthy living.

Work Into A Lifestyle

The best diets are ones that fit into your lifestyle. So if you are a busy person you need to find ways to work healthy food and exercise into a busy schedule, if you enjoy nature then use that as a way to exercise, if you can't stand gyms then you will need to find other ways to exercise.

There is no simple solution to this tip, it is a case of looking at your life and figuring where you can work in a healthier diet and more exercise. If you can find an active hobby that you enjoy your exercise regime will be so much easier to keep up.

One Step At A Time

The key to permanent weight loss is making a real lifestyle change rather than just temporary dieting every now and then.

Habits are hard to form though; a full lifestyle change doesn't happen overnight.

So don't try to do it in one leap. Just make one small change at a time. Maybe take up a new hobby, or cut out fast food on week days.

Try to make a change that will have a reasonable impact, but won't be too onerous.

Find Your Focus

Of course if you don't really care about the results, you won't stay in the game. So the final motivation tip (for now) is to figure out what your real motivation is and how to harness that.

So what are you trying to acheive?

I want to be healthier
I want to look better
I want a six pack
I want to drop a couple of sizes
Whatever your real overriding goal is, you need to make it definite. Have an image in your mind of how you want your body to look, and remind yourself every day about that goal. Make a habit of imagining how good it is going to feel when you realise that goal.

Believe that you WILL achieve it.